Above is a test build of the WebGL port. Please leave feedback if you play it, we're looking to release v1.2 soon.

Meowt of Control - Tower Defense with a Twist

This game is a mix of top-down shooting and tower defense. Play as Gun Cat, armed with a pistol, who uses turrets to defend their turf from the robotic apocalypse.

The Story

Machines have gained sentience. Within minutes of ground zero, the knowledge spread to create an electronic hivemind that would soon topple their long-time oppressors, the humans. With most of humanity now in hiding, whatever will become of the adorable pets they left behind?

Well, one thing was for sure. The cats weren't going to take it lying down. For a change.

The Team

AlfaLeon - Enemy AI, Code
benchi99 - Team Lead, Code
CrossfireCam - UI, Code, v1.1 Code, v1.2 Code
Darelt - Music, Art
TeslaSP2 - Sprites

Future of this game

The game is considered complete, but we're working on a small update to balance the game. You can test it in your browser above. We're open to feedback for better gameplay balance.


Meowt of Control v1.1 (Win).zip 26 MB
Meowt of Control v1.1 (Mac).zip 33 MB
Meowt of Control v1.1 (Linux).zip 32 MB

Install instructions

Download the file, extract the contents, and run 'Meowt of Control' to play. More info can be found in 'readme.txt'.

Development log

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