Hold Space to Play art
Art by TeslaSP2

Welcome to 'Hold Space To Play'

This game plays like a typical platformer, but using only a single button to perform multiple actions. To navigate the game, tap space to select an option, and hold space to activate the selected option.

Help our robot friend reach the end of many mysterious rooms filled with platforms, locks, and blinky boys!

More Info

Made by benchi99 and CrossfireCam for the GMTK Game Jam 2019. The theme for the jam was 'Only One'.

Version 1.3 adds a web build, playable above!
Version 1.2 adds a Spanish translation and Discord rich presence.
Version 1.1 was a post-jam build, implementing much of the feedback from that jam.

Hold Space to Play's gameplay development has finished. We're still open to bug reports.


Hold Space to Play v1.3 (Linux).zip 44 MB
Hold Space to Play v1.3 (Windows).zip 44 MB

Install instructions


Download the build for your OS above, and follow the readme's instructions.


A Mac build is unavailable. Please enjoy our WebGL build above instead. Thanks for your understanding.

Development log

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