A mix of Bingo, Chess, & Turn-Based games. Made by the Fire Otters team for the GMTK Game Jam 2022.

You control Granny, a lady whose game of Bingo has been interrupted by the arrival of the D&D and Chess clubs in the otherwise calm bingo hall. Join Granny as she descends into a nightmare, where the rules of rules of chess, bingo, and turn-based tabletop gaming combine!

Post-Jam Update (v1.1)

  • Level Select added. Bingo and Take Piece victory stats are separately tracked per level.
  • Bingo objective made more interesting. Player MAY NOT take any piece, or tokens disappear.
  • Take Piece objective made more interesting. Pieces become aggressive when another is attacked.
  • Help menu redone, tutorial prompts added to Lvl 1-3.
  • Many bug fixes, graphics tweaks


(An in-game tutorial is provided. Below is a brief summary)

Bingo!! Dungeon!! is a strategy puzzle game.

  • The playfield resembles a chessboard, and the enemies are chess pieces.
    • Enemies move just like standard chess pieces.
    • Avoid ending Granny's turn in a piece's line of sight.
  • Granny has limited movement each turn.
    • To move, left-click to a desired destination.

There are two ways of winning:

  • Score Bingo!
    • Spare every piece on the board, and avoid being captured by them.
    • Right-click tokens to move them, and line up 5 in a row.
  • Take out all Pieces!
    • Left-click on enemies to capture them.
    • Other pieces will become aggressive, and scoring Bingo will become impossible.


MouseAim movement cursor
Left-ClickSelect destination
Right-ClickPush token

Install instructions

Windows/Linux users

Download the build for your OS below, and follow the readme's instructions.

Mac users

A Mac build is unavailable. Please enjoy our WebGL build above instead. Thanks for your understanding.


Bingo!! Dungeon!! v1.1 (Windows).zip 37 MB
Bingo!! Dungeon!! v1.1 (Linux).zip 36 MB
(Jam Build - Win) Bingo!! Dungeon!! v1.0.zip 35 MB

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