Version 1.1 Released!

Hi everyone! We're happy to announce that version 1.1 of Type for Me! is now available to play! There are more levels added, and new features/adjustments suggested by fellow participants in the jam earlier this year, and our play-testers.

Our team is very proud of our efforts this jam. Thanks to the glowing feedback of our game design peers in the GMTK Game Jam 2023, out of 6,805 games Type for Me! achieved a spot in the top 50 games in the Creativity criteria, and an Overall score in the top 10% of all games submitted!

Thank you all very much for the constructive feedback. Here is a quick rundown of the new things you can find in this update...



New levels!

We've added 5 new levels, for a total of 9. Each character gets 3 levels, with the final level in each pack sporting a slight speed boost.



Gameplay changes

To improve the gameplay, there were 3 main facets to address:

Failure is more forgiving

  • After a wrong key-press, further mistakes won't penalize the player until Backspace is pressed
  • When a word is completed the player may restart from that point if they fail the level

Controlling the game is easier

We implemented changes that makes it easier on the player's hand to play. This doesn't apply if you're playing in Safari on macOS (due to a web browser incompatibility)

  • By default on Desktop, players only need to click on the keyboard one time to commence dragging the object around. Click again to drop it
  • When a word is completed, the character's hand will stop poking for a moment

Presentation is improved


  • A 'caret' to show where the next letter will be typed
  • The Backspace key pulsates when a mistake has been made
  • 'Typing Box' is now on top of the screen by default
  • Consistent 'Typing Box' designs, which now includes a 'current combo' counter
  • Better level transitions




Settings Added

Audio Settings
  • During development of v1.0 we had some features almost ready, to give a better audio experience for you. However, due to the game jam time limit, we were unable to deliver these features. We've now fully implemented the audio improvements we left behind in the jam release!
  • Spatial music can be toggled (the soundtrack now sounds like it's being played from within the room the levels take place in)
  • Frequency of character voice lines can be changed, including disabling it all together
Game Settings
  • 'Typing Box' UI can be flipped to be at the bottom of the screen, like in v1.0
  • 'Hold To Drag' reverts the game to v1.0's control scheme
  • 'Mouse Sensitivity' helps players to adjust the new control scheme

Bug fixes from v1.0

  • Keyboard can no longer slide entirely off-screen
  • Audio now plays on iOS devices & Safari
    • This bug turned out to be due to misuse of FMOD. We use FMOD to provide a superior audio experience in our games, but we were unaware of the need to load manually FMOD banks. This meant that the scenes that required use of FMOD events to play audio didn't have the audio data needed to play anything. This has been solved adding an initial loading screen before reaching the main menu, which solves the issue on Safari for macOS and iOS
  • Non-16x9 resolutions are letterboxed/pillarboxed



To close...

We spent much time on ensuring these features are implemented well and ironing out bugs we found throughout. We're done with adding features to this game now, but if you have a bug to report, we'd appreciate hearing about it on our page.

Enjoy the update, and thanks for playing!

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